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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Council (ATSIC) 

The ATSIC council is here to assist the association ensure we provide an environment where First Nations people can feel welcome and safe. The council also assist in planning and running of the First Nations Festival of Netball, First Nationals Academy and any other first nations events including reconciliation week events. The council is also a group where the association can seek assistance and support First Nations people.


Inclusion Working Group 

TCNAI is passionate about providing an inclusive environment where people of all ages and abilities could play netball. This group will provide support to the association in planning of competitions and events. This group where possible will assist the association in running these events and competitions as well.


Carnival and Event volunteers 

Are you able to help cook on the BBQ or assist in the canteen. We have several carnivals planned for 2024 and we need your help. If you are keen to help, we would love to hear from you.

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